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 Trew Love is a multi-media pop artist whose work spans the globe.

Her latest series of paintings, "Luxury Adjacent"  

will be on exhibit at MASH Gallery in West Hollywood

and at Tivoli Village in Las Vegas throughout 2024.


Formerly a social commentary pop artist,

Trew Love's work has transitioned from reflections of the chaotic outside world

to an expression of her inner healing.

After a lifelong journey searching for Love, I found it within myself.

It is my mission now to share this energy in all of my work

and to guide others on the journey inward as I have traveled.” 

- Trew Love

Take a journey inside via a guided meditation with Trew Love, and receive a custom fine art painting to commemorate your experience. 

Love is waiting for you.


Hand painted canvas paintings about the twisted nature of our modern culture


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